Come and See us in DECT Today

DOSCH&AMAND Asia Ltd (DAA) has just placed three adverts about our upcoming DECT Examiner and CAT-iq 3.0 test suite on DECT Today.

DA1150 DECT Examiner, supporting multi-cell and non-blind slot, is now available!!

The CAT-iq test suite 3.0 for SUOTA will also be available in 2016 Q1.

DOSCH&AMAND Test&Measurement

DOSCH&AMAND Asia Ltd (DAA) is a Hong Kong based company which has taken the responsibility for all DOSCH&AMAND Test & Measurement Systems and Tools.

DAA Ltd has been founded by Daniel Chan, CEO of EZU Technologies and Dr. Franz Dosch, CEO of DOSCH&AMAND. Chan and Dosch are both professionals in T&M. Dosch is contributing with 25 years top level expertise in wireless communication. Dosch has been Executive Vice President of Rohde&Schwarz and Co-Founder of DOSCH&AMAND.

DAA Ltd shall strengthen high sophisticated DECT/CAT-iq/ULE Test Systems and Tools for full compliance and certification tests, Interoperability Analysis but also generalized Telecom testers for labs and production.

DAA Ltd will leverage prime solutions for Smart Home with focus on Telecare enriched Home Automation solutions in ASEAN market. Here the company will benefit from top level innovations by Germany based engineering partner DOSCH&AMAND Research. DAA Ltd is taking advantage from German Quality in engineering and cost-effective production in China under DAA Ltd supervision.

DAA Ltd offers jobs in Hong Kong for management, SW engineering and sales engineers with telecommunications background.

Chan and Dosch in Hong Kong preparing for TV signing ceremony on 16th Oct 2014


German Engineering

DAA is in close link with DOSCH&AMAND Research in Germany for current and future R&D works, in order to develop the roadmap for ETSI/DECT-Forum Certification program for CAT-iq world-wide.

The actual T&M program covers all relevant CAT-iq Standards as CAT-iq1.0 for HD Voice, CAT-iq2.0 for enhanced interoperability to Telecom Routers/Gateways, CAT-iq2.1 for enhanced Security up to CAT-iq3.0 for SUOTA and Internet Access. This T&M program is known under the type code DA1220.

Worldwide standard for interoperability tests are DECT EXPLORER DA1100 and DECT EXAMINER DA1150. Both “AirSniffer” are used to analyse the communication links on air between portable and fixed part on all layers and identify Interoperability issues and effects which influences the communication between Base and Terminal. The test log file will be converted into layered and filtered plain word messages or into message flow diagrams. Such test log format is standardized worldwide. DA1100/DA1150 is used to export log files of captured problems to expert groups for decentralized analysis of root cause without the need for reproduction of the effects. DAA Ltd is offering such expert service as well which will be handled strictly confidential via NDA.

DECT EXPLORER is used for single cell systems and DECT EXAMINER supports multicell networks. More convenience of tests are planned within the roadmap of DECT EXAMINER. DA1220 CAT-iq Test Systems are the Reference Systems for R&D labs and Test Houses in case the full compliance to relevant ETSI standards are requested including the application of DECT-Forum trademarks and logos for CAT-iq and DECT Security.

High Speed and functional reduced test setups and adapters are planned for outgoing quality control at production site.